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Interactive Canvas
Investment Canvas App
Investment Canvas Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Invest with the lowest cost possible
  • Invest with a long-term perspective
  • Consider growth and risk
  • Use traditional and new investment possibilities

The Concept

Investment Canvas Concept

We deliver you all you need to learn for sustainable investing according to your personal demand:

Investment Canvas App

The Investment Canvas App interactively guides you through all the decisions you have to take whilst investing.

  • Define your investment strategy
  • Define how to implement your strategy
  • Control your strategy and investments
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Investment Canvas App on Desktop
Investment Canvas Academy

Investment Canvas Academy

The Investment Academy shows you step-by-step how to use the Investment Canvas.

  • Understand the basics of investing
  • Realize your current situation and how to best invest in it
  • Learn the instruments that you can use to invest and that best suit you
  • Apply your knowledge directly in the Investment Canvas App
Learn How To Invest

Investment Wiki

The Investment Wiki explains the relevant terms to you.

Investment Guides

The Investment Guide explains to you how to concretely pick your investments.

  • Get advice for your specific results from the Investment Canvas
  • Understand the online platforms and how to use them
  • Understand the different investment instruments how to pick the right ones
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